Is GeniMining Shop legit?

Yes, we are registered and verified company. You can check our legal documents here: Certification

Reg.NO: EU-ISCC-Cert-IT206-265 (PACRA)

Verified by GeoTrust
GeniMining Shop – GeniMining Ltd, have green ssl address bar (EV SSL). So it means our company and website is verified and registered by GeoTrust (DigiCert Inc).
So check green bar, or here: GeoTrust CryptoReport

Frequently Questions?

Feel free to ask for discounts: mail.genimining.com

The very first thing to do is to check if the local installation (your network and your house installation) is ok. After excluding this as a source of error please write us a detailed report of the problem and send it to our support team: Mail.Genimining.COM

Warranty and support of the hardware are responsibility of the manufacturer. GeniMining does everything in its power to make your miner work but we can not fix burned or defective hardware.

Delivery time depends on the way you paid your order and on the current load of orders. Cryptocurrency transfers can take up to 48h to be confirmed. High demanded products usually take longer to be shipped out.

Customs is the responsibility of the buyer/receiver. Every country has its specific laws and terms for importation. On request we gladly support you during the process by providing the necessary documents. Ask us to learn more about how we make sure your miner arrives without hassle.

Before you send any equipment to us for a check please inform us and let us take a look at it remotely, open a ticket here. In some cases like for example a defective hashboard, we are not always able to help. In some cases the hardware needs to be sent to the manufacturer at the customers cost. The guarantee conditions you’ll find on each manufacturers website:

Yes, we work very tight with DHL and other Companies to ensure your shipment is at all time 100% secure. All packages have insurance up to the exact value of the miner when purchased.

Yes absolutely. Pass by, get a free coffee and make your purchase in person. Please be advised that you need to arrange an appointment before. We are always on tour for our customers, mining farms and projects related to mining.

Time in transit: Transit time varies with different shipping methods.